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A Re Sebetseng is a monthly city-wide cleaning campaign, which means “let’s work.” The campaign strives to encourage all of Johannesburg’s residents to take care of the environment; and seeks to promote a culture of reducing, re-using, and recycling our waste to ensure that Johannesburg becomes one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

Together, the City and businesses can create a city we can be proud of; together we can work towards the best case scenario – a clean, beautiful, world-class city; and together, we can find innovative, mutually beneficial ways of ensuring we live, work, and play in a clean Johannesburg.

The campaign takes place on the third Saturday of every month and line with the City’s by-laws, aims also to address issues of littering, illegal dumping, overloading of bins, and dilapidation of open spaces that usually results in the manifestation of pests.

The campaign is facilitated by Pikitup, but it is the responsibility of all Councillors, city departments, and regional offices to drive the programme.

Plastic bags and gloves are distributed at walk-in centres, clinics, libraries, and participating businesses. Filled bags are collected on the same day by Pikitup.

If we are to turn our inner city, and Johannesburg as a whole, into a city that works, we must start with ourselves.
We must change our mind-set to one where we all take ownership of our communities.

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